Logistics Firm Racing Towards Lofty Goal

 Jay Mejia, president and CEO of Leon Cannon Logistics in Lowell, is amazed at how quickly the company has grown since its founding in October 2009.  



 If you’re a flatbed shipper odds are you’ve experienced what happens when flatbed seasonality really tightens capacity. At Leon-Cannon flatbed shippers large and small call on us daily basis for that “last minute load that’s gotta ship”.  You can be at ease, knowing that we have an extensive understanding of flatbed’s special requirements and our deep experience can help you and your “last minute load that’s gotta ship” there on-time. 

Flatbed customers account for almost 40% of our total business spanning from California to Maine.  The ability to retain our client base in order to cultivate long-term partnerships is the key to our success. We make flatbed shipping simple for all equipment types including; basic flats, step decks, double drops, RGNs, maxis, over dimensional, overweight, and expedited.  You can expect reliable pickup and on time delivery.